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really all you need to know about the american health care system is that there’s a popular tv series where a man turns to cooking industrial quantities of crystal meth in order to pay his hospital bills

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For The First Time Ever, All Four Eyewitness Accounts of The Murder of Michael Brown Put In Chronological OrderThe most detailed side-by-side telling of each eyewitness account of the Mike Brown murder in chronological order #JusticeForMichaelBrown [@ShaunKing]

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has anyone posted this yet? I love it! 

This was perfect

"You are buying an experience, not a person."

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It’s like drowning but you just won’t fucking die.
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So last night cops arrested 7 protesters, then turned to the rest of the protesters and told them “we’ll release them without bond if you leave (stop protesting)”

They literally turned their own dubiously legal arrests into a hostage situation. They took hostages. Ferguson PD is a terrorist organization and they aren’t even trying to hide that fact any more.

Look at this


You can donate to protesters’ legal defense and bail here

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Not the heroes we thought we needed but the heroes we really needed all along
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Not the heroes we thought we needed but the heroes we really needed all along

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Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 
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Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 

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The Samurai Champloo (サムライチャンプルー) cosplayers that stole my heart… Thank you SO much for bringing back so many memories. T_T The anachronisms, the animation, the music, the historical knowledge that it made me search for. I fell in love with Edo Period, japanese mythology and (ukiyo-e) painting. I fell in love with the director (Shinichiro Watanabe) and THEN with Cowboy Bebop. Masaru Gotsubo’s manga. Nakazawa’s designs. Shing02. SO much jazz knowledge from Nujabes’ samples. Thank you, Jun. どうもありがとうございます!Mystline still makes me cry. I fell so much in love it took me 9 months to write a tribute song over The Final View. It took a poem’s time, and hopefully it has the beauty of one… And the dopeness of yours. T_T Hope you and Dilla will listen to it next February 7. There hasn’t been a greek tribute (that sounded ancient) so it will be my honor. R.I.P. Samurai who smells of Sunflowers.

MUGEN (ムゲン,2)  Kyōno (恭乃)
 (ジン Sakadzuki (サカヅキ)
 (フウ Akane (朱音)


I am utterly amazed, like holy crap!

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if u smell good, we cool

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